Bitcoin better late than never or never

People who have cashed in on Bitcoin and it’s rather fast climb have made many hundreds of thousands of dollars however that being said many people missed the initial rise in this currency and have regretted it ever since. Certain individuals bought in too late and the recent correction saw many many people lose the shirt off their backs and they are probably still waiting for the currency to rise again.

In my opinion it is far too late to cash in on Bitcoin now although owners of the currency are still pushing it out there as it sees their investment rise however there are better options and with much of the world still in a dilemma on whether it is going to be a legal currency it is still volatile and a gamble in much as it will only rise with more people who believe in its future.

I for one am going to leave it for now and see how the next six months or so pan out before jumping on a digital currency and there are many options that although alternatives do not have the reach and influence of Bitcoin, lets keep our fingers crossed and see where this goes and I will report back very very soon.

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